Our Story

 How it started

Wave the Animals was formed through the love of the ocean and protecting both it and our planet. Founded by brother and sister, Gerard and Anna Byrne in March 2021, they have made it their mission to spread awareness of the importance of sustainable fashion and how it can help protect our oceans. Anna, who has a degree in Fashion and textiles, and experience designing for fashion companies, saw a gap in the market for a completely sustainable clothing brand, and from there she taught Gerard about printing, embroidery and the fashion trade. In January 2022 they upgraded their workspace to a new studio, where they have loads of space for printing and embroidery machines, storage and photoshoots. 


About the brand

With beliefs rooted in a love of nature and protecting our oceans and animals, WAVE endeavours to build high quality products while causing minimal harm to the planet. All our products are made using recycled polyester, recycled nylon and organic cotton, which helps to reduce plastic waste found in our oceans. Efforts underway to make recycled ocean products are vital.  The packaging is also 100% recyclable. These products are also used as a means to raise awareness of environmental issues and the harm it is causing on our sea life and oceans.

With each product, a percentage of the profits is donated to a marine life conservation charity.  Running its business with a strong environmental ethos has allowed ‘Wave the Animals’ to attract like-minded people.  Our consumers have formed a community where they have also begun to take part in events that we have hosted such as beach clean ups and other environmental initiatives. Our Ethos is very simple. We aim to share what we are passionate about and unite like-minded people through a sense of community.

You too can show your support by joining our mission. Spread the word and look cool while doing the job.